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Last week I had the opportunity to work with Lauren Apel & Allison Harp on the little baby they created. HEY SISTA is all about building community and togetherness. In their own words:

“It’s part photography workshop, part retreat. It’s eight women coming together to share good food, escape daily routine, and to grow individually and as a whole. “

We arrived the day before the attendees. Lauren and Allison went grocery shopping and I foraged porcelain vine and white garden roses from Austin’s lush flora and fauna. I made a couple arrangements as they finished up their lectures and we all kinda agreed that we were basically ready for what the week would bring. I had brought a box full of Oregon grown flowers on the plane (that all safely and happily lasted through the week).



Here is a photo of Abby Hubley, She is a freelancer based in Dallas who has worked with the best of them! She brought a car load full of southern smilax and dogwood that she foraged from her parents yard. She was truly invaluable with all her energy and quiet curiosity. Her foraged material transformed my mismatched LA & Oregon flowers into lush garden-scapes.


I’d like to take a minute to talk of southern smilax. Truly a vine I couldn’t have designed better myself. Lasting weeks out of water, while laying just exactly how you want, hearty but light. It’s incredible and I know I’m a little late to the game on this one.




For the bathroom I really wanted to create a lush jungle. Half vintage porcelain claw tub / half rainforest. The dark slate paint took the installation to the next level.




For the dining room we used the smilax to grow out and onto the wall. The foraged garden roses, lilac, and spirea did their thing and I left the petals on the floor right where they burst open.




Everything I saw in the house was inspiration. Lauren & Allison gave me their full trust as I deconstructed, moved, flipped and rearranged the entire home to be a a living breathing work of art. HEY SISTA was designed to be alive and real. Nothing was stuffy, staged or styled. Everything had freedom to unfold in its truest way. This is some of my best work to date and is a testament to the authentic spirit of HEY SISTA.






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