Australians in Oregon

Australians in Oregon


Right before everything got crazy in the flower-insta world there was a small group of people I loved to hear from. People who when they were inspired by your work just said so and vice versa. When Jardine e-mailed me back in January I was in a civil dispute with my landlord, between studios and in my own words “not in a very impressive set-up”. She wasn’t deterred and a few months down the road we were meeting up for brunch somewhere I’ve never been in a town I knew very little about. Again, she persisted.




We hopped from one flower related topic to the next not being to fussy about finishing one before being reminded of something else. Sometimes when relatively isolated event florists  get together we’re just so overjoyed to discuss flower foam perks and silk ribbon with someone else there just isn’t enough time in the day. After a quick vintage shopping spree we decided to get out of the early May heat wave (peony season is done before June, saving that for another post) and headed over to their Air bnb off Mississippi Ave.





I said “their” because they were a pose. Eliza & Sophia both florists themselves and Josh a non florist who runs 100 mile races which is actually more insane than doing wedding flowers. The gang was in town for one of Saipua & Nicolette’s Little Flower School Iris Workshops. Obviously two major inspirations for me. They had buckets of leftovers from the class and after a discussion in “opportunists opportunizing” (a favorite topic of mine) we organically headed outside and everyone started arranging flowers. I grabbed my camera and just enjoyed a moment of non arranging for once.






Everyone in the gang was so fiercely unique. Im not sure if it was their accents or amazing outfits but halfway through the day you could of told me I just met a new psychedelic Aussie band while on holiday in Thailand and I would have believed you. Is everyone still tracking? They had interest and hobbies outside of their businesses. The read books and wanted to discuss politics. I felt a little beside myself with having not that match to contribute. All I do is think about my business and now Im having to answer the question who am I if im not my job? When im not a florist? When Im not in China, cleaning buckets or waterproofing vases? It’s the end of May, which means wedding season, which means not too much time left for personal development and independent reading but I’ll keep thinking of the question and come at you with some answers some time in October when Im alone back in Seoul. Stay with me till then. Lord knows I need ya.



  • Reuben Stewart
    Posted at 05:04h, 27 May

    Sounds like a good time indeed, 🙂
    beautiful photographs of some people I love

    hope you get some more you time Xx

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